We are Kavumba Recreation Centre

Kavumba Recreation is private company incorporated on 20thAug, 2007 with the registry of companies. The company is located in Wakiso Town council on plot 396 and is housed on 30 acres of land with modern infrastructure.

The company started as a commercial farm dealing in crop and livestock production in the year 2000. With the advance of urbanization and development in Wakiso Town Council, the farm came out of place.

A concept of transforming it into a modern entertainment and wildlife park was born cognizant of a huge and growing urban population settled in small residential plots with no ambient space for play and entertainment especially for families.

It is on this premise that the current facility came into being and has since continued to grow in this direction. The company specializes in Entertainment and Leisure oriented programs and has made significant progress in the past five years.

We also noted that wildlife was being extinct with wetland encroachment along the unprotected areas as a result of increased pressure on land. In 2012, KRC acquired class E Wildlife user rights and is therefore permitted to conserve and conduct wildlife education and research.

With a projection of 1,000,000 guests per year involving both local and international visitors, the company is expanding her services in this sector to accommodate more guests so as to be the leading private hub combining both ecotourism, conservation with standard leisure park activities for family entertainment. We introduced the idea of the Zoo to simplify on the short itineraries for tourists before proceeding to National Parks.

We decided to put up this facility with help and support from Uganda Wildlife Authority-UWA. We have put in place affordable research services for everyone, community free wildlife education programs in partnership with local Authorities to ensure community benefits.

We plan to introduce more wildlife activities in collaboration with key stake holders that will help us gain more experiences in wildlife and conservation programs.

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The word of our Executive Director

The role of entities such as ours have evolved to prioritize research, education and conservation. The field of animal research  benefits from zoo experience. Zoo keepers, researchers, and vets have learned a lot about animal care as zoos evolved.

As Kavumba Recreation Centre, we are committed to contributing to this and we know we have an essential role to play in conservation. We are committed to preserving endagenderd species but also understanding, saving and replenishing unique natural habitats while providing entertainment to the general public.

Mr. Name of ED

Executive Director, Kavumba Recreation Centre

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

To be the leading entertainment park focusing in sports, nature and wildlife conservation for future generations

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to promoting Wildlife conservation, tourism, entertainment and empowering our community to love and protect nature.

Core Values

  • Conscience on nature protection.
  • Professionalism.
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Team work